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Sony's "full-on assault" on Xbox Live continued

Dan Choi

The supposed "full-on assault" by Sony on the Xbox 360 and its vaunted Live service continues in the pages of PSM this month, with the rumored DVR and media-center-like capabilities of the PS3 taking center stage.

After someone literally took a page from the unofficial PS mag for the previous post on the topic, another forum poster (with J Allard 'shopped into "Jak" as an avatar?) decided to spill the beans on the rest of Sony's secret plans for the next generation. They include DVR functionality, "high-def movie and TV episode downloads" in an iTunes/Connect-like way, LocationFree support for the PSP, and a fall release for the system and possibly its online service as well. For a look at the PSM page with all this secret talk, try the publicly available link over here.

Of course, a scan from a magazine doesn't prove anything, as Engadget so rightly states in a recent post. After all, if the PS3 hard drive proves to be optional, and a video input isn't featured on the back, it's highly doubtful that every system (if the PS3 releases in Blu-ray/HDD-separate SKUs) will support all of these capabilities.

[Thanks for letting us know about the scan, Aaron Laine, and thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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