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Celebs in Azeroth?

Mike D'Anna

With over 5 million subscribers to World of Warcraft, I guess it's not too surprising just from a numbers perspective that a few celebrities would get in on the action.  Well, maybe celebrity is a bit of a loose term for a girl who had a bit part on Buffy the Vampire Slayer & did some USPS commercials, but still, has an interesting article on actress Felicia Day, a self-avowed WoW fan (and alleged level-60 Warlock).

I know there are a lot of famous folks who are big video game fans, and WoW is a big game with a huge number of players, but it's kind of a cool thought that the Mage you team up with might just be Dave Chappelle (a rumored WoW player) or the like.  Then again, with my luck, I'd be more likely to end up teaming with Joey Buttafucco...

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