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Image credit: reveals DS lite colors

When it rains, it pours. After unearthing images of the Nintendo DS lite from the catacombs of the FCC yesterday, Nintendo's Japanese website has obviated our efforts by posting a handful of nice, clean shots. More importantly, they've revealed two additional colors: Ice Blue and Enamel Navy, in addition to the newly dubbed iPod Crystal White. Navy is hardly any consolation for those of you hoping for a shiny black DS lite, though the colors for a North American and European launch may prove different.

The site has pictures of the attachments, including the stylus, the hand strap (sans thumb-nub), the GBA slot cover, and the power adaptor. There's also a nifty site at featuring some very cool rotating DS lites; spinning and twirling and dancing and spinning.

[Thanks, Jaket & Jon]

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