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PlayStation 3 hardware is "barely superior to Xbox 360?"

Ryan Block, @ryan

At this point in the game Sony's been so intensely tight-lipped about the goings on of the PlayStation 3 that we're becoming increasingly skeptical about information that's starting to leak -- not even because we think it's dubious (which it usually appears to be), but because we are starting to think they're further behind development on the console than they are actually letting on. Either way, Kikizo claims to have some details and working experiences from "three PS3 developers in multiple territories" that supposedly got close-to-final hardware from Sony recently (which does not jibe, sir, with what we heard from that supposed PSM leak that said the hardware's gone final). According to Kikizo's report -- which we're by no means endorsing -- there's apparently not enough room for a 2.5-inch drive in the PlayStation 3 mockup box they've been showing off all over the world (the question of the internal drive certainly does keep getting raised), that the PlayStation 3 is "a machine barely superior to Xbox 360," and that launch titles will look something akin to "nice Xbox 360 material." No, there's no mention of their Xbox Live killer, either -- so who do you trust at this point? Is it ok if we just say nobody and leave it at that?

[Via Joystiq]

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