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.mobi registration to begin May 22nd (but not for you)

Evan Blass

mobile Top Level Domain Ltd (mTLD), the consortium in charge of managing the upcoming .mobi domain, has finally released a timetable regarding the registration periods for the presumed "land rush." So-called "Sunrise Registration" will occur from late May through late August, with mobile industry insiders getting the coveted first picks from May 22nd through 29th. Most of June, July, and August are reserved for the "Trademark Sunrise," where your Apples, your Sonys, your Engadgets, and other trademark holders get first crack at planting their flag in this new cyber territory. Finally, general registration for .mobi sites will open on August 28th, when "desirable dotmobi domain names may be registered at a premium price"- meaning that if you don't want to pay a bundle, you're gonna end up with or some equally crappy URL.

[Via MocoNews]

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