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Chic laptop bags for that new MacBook Pro


When it comes to toting around that new MacBook Pro, you want nothing but the best to hug and snuggle your new baby computer. For MacBook Pros (and 15" PowerBooks) I am going to have to point the ladies to alex grant bags. My favorite bag is the understated Skye in gunmetal gray (pictured here). The larger alex grant bags come with coordinating laptop sleeves (kind of like mini briefcases with handles) that fit inside. I love the styling on these bags and the carrying handles look long-commute-friendly, I just wish they came in a few more color choices. All of the agb collection is on sale until March 1st.

In a past post I've rounded up some of my favorite iBook sleeves, some of which may also be appropriate for 12" PowerBooks. With this combination, you can put a smaller laptop in a larger bag. Incidentally, I rock a 10" Fujitsu subcompact (running FreeBSD 6), so I ended up modding an existing subcompact sleeve to my liking. Ladies, and guys with ladies in their lives, feel free to comment on your favorite sleeve/bag combo for your mac laptop in the comments.

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