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Aladdin hearts biometrics -- literally

Marc Perton

Forget retina scans, fingerprints and all of those archaic biometric systems of yore. If you want cutting-edge security, you need to put your heart into it. Aladdin Knowledge Systems is demonstrating what the company calls a cardio-based biometric authentication technology, basically a small device with two electrodes on it; touch them with your fingertips and it will read your "BioDynamic Signature." According to Aladdin, the signature, based on your heartbeat and other "intrinsic human electro-biometric dynamic signals" is as unique as your fingerprints, and harder to fake. It all sounds a little new-agey, and we can't help but wonder if you can trick it by meditating to slow down your heartbeat, installing a pacemaker, or wearing one of those funky MegaChi pendants.

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