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AACS finalized, Blu-ray and HD DVD: game on!

Ryan Block, @ryan

While no setback to a standard is especially preferable (just ask: WiMax, 802.11n, Ultrawideband, etc.), at least Blu-ray and HD DVD, who were quagmired by the AACS forum, whose copy protection standard that they convinced both formats to use, was delayed. Well, delayed it be no longer, as it seems the AACS forum apparently agreed on an interim license late Wednesday night so the two heavy hitters, like prize fighters, can now proceed to knock the crap out of one another in the market. Come February 21st we're supposed to get the official release on this, but we have a feeling it's no coincidence that today's the day Toshiba announced their 40-city HD DVD Retail Store Tour-O-Thon 2006 (official name).

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