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Guide to survive a cable outage

Matt Burns

My cable went out last night just before primetime thanks to a bad ice storm. It was terrible I tell you, but alas, I survived to tell the story. Here is a glimpse of what to do as the clock ticks by and you have no TV to watch.

1. Have an HDTV antenna building contest. Mine: an elaborate contraption of wires and solder that caused two burns and wasted a bunch of wire. My fiance's: a coat hanger and a bunch of tin foil. This took up about 35 minutes of our time, but which one worked better? Nether one could pull in a stable digital signal, but hers did work a tad bit better; let's keep that between you and me though. What the heck are ya suppose to do with no TV?

  1. DVR! There has to be something on the DVR to watch, but nope. There was nothing. It was filled of shows that I watched live and really didn't want to watch it again. We turned on a American Idol rerun just for background but it was frustrating to know that CSI was just one ATSC signal away, but we just could not watch it.
  2. Clean the house. This didn't last to long and 5 mins later we were back watching Simon and Paula fight back and forth.
  3. Play a boardgame. After a big sigh was released, we walked over to the boardgame closet and pulled out Yahtzee. I have to admit that it was fun. Maybe not as enjoyable as watching Without a Trace that a lot of  you were enjoying by that time of night. American Idol had run out by this time and the TV was just displaying a black screen when it suddenly shot on a glimpse of the local news!
Our HDTV was back on and it was good. Boy what a crazy night it turned out to be with the frantic construction of a temporary antenna to ending up playing Yahtzee. In retrospect, it was fun, but not something I would want to do every night.

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