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PSP game targets businesses looking to increase productivity


Kokuyo's Business Experience Series: The Path To Starting A Company isn't exactly the killer app PSP gamers were hoping for, but if Kokuyo gets its way, businesses will purchase the game and encourage employees to play it. Not a bad way to spend Monday afternoon at the office, right?

The Path is a text-based adventure game that follows the journey of Shingo Adagiri. Unhappy with his job at an advertising firm, Shingo quits and starts his own company. And while it's hard to imagine any business giving its employees a game that seemingly encourages players to quit their jobs for greener pastures, Kokuyo insists that the real focus of the game is to increase worker productivity through creative means.

The Path
features three distinct selling points: the educational experience of creating & marketing a unique product, business terminology training, and a testing mode meant to increase business smarts. Kokuyo chose the PSP platform because it most closely resembled a mobile phone, which is the platform of choice for people in the workforce.

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