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The new Revolution mock up: boxes

Ross Miller

Warning: The following article references Nintendo fanaticism and features allusions to Apple. Viewer discretion is advised.

When avid Nintendo fanatics (and Photoshop users) decided to envision the Nintendo Rev-mote, way back before it was revealed, we understood the hype--Nintendo had been calling their next controller a complete departure from the typical fare, and left everything else up to our imaginations. Then, after we learned about the Rev-mote, things got quiet for a bit, emerging recently with a plethora of online interface mock ups. Now, it seems, we have hit a new low in conceptual design.

We love boxes as much as the next guy (maybe even more so), but is there really this much of an interest in the retail box of a console? Apparently so, as Nintendo Gal has unearthed six fan-made box art designs for Nintendo's next-geneartion offer. Most of them bear a striking resemblance to the boxes that house Apple's Powerbook line of laptops (coincidence? we doubt it). So there you have it, 6 Revolution box mock ups--do any of these tickle your fancy? Does anyone care?

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[Update: fixed a rather "major" typo. Sorry!]

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