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Canon bulks up PowerShot line with 8 upgraded compacts

Marc Perton

No, we're not quite done with Canon for today. Not content with satisfying the pro and prosumer markets with the EOS 30D and S3 IS, the company has also unveiled no fewer than eight new or upgraded consumer models. Ready for the rundown? Pay attention, because there's a lot to cover here, and there will be a quiz after class. At the compact end of the line, Canon has upgraded the Digital Elph (aka IXUS) series with the SD600, SD630 and SD 700 IS (pictured above). All three models are compact 6 megapixel shooters, with the main differences being a larger LCD display on the 630 (3 inches, vs. 2.5 on the other two), and the addition of image stabilization and a 4x zoom (as opposed to 3x) on the 700. And it's a good thing the 630 has that larger LCD, since it skips the optical viewfinder. Canon has also upgraded its more A series of compacts, with five new models, including the 6 megapixel A700 and A540; the 700 has a  6x optical zoom, while the 540 has a 4x zoom. The lower-end A420, 430 and 530 are basic 4 megapixel (or 5 megapixel, in the case of the 530) point-and-shoots. Click through for pics of the rest of the SD models and the A series.

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