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Interview with HD-DVD Promotions Group - HD Issues

Kevin C. Tofel

Not sure how we missed this multi-part interview earlier this month, but Charlie White of HD Issues sat down with Mark Knox (pictured) for a candid interview on HD-DVD. Mark is an Advisor to the HD-DVD Marketing Group, and while we know what marketing groups do, there are some nuggets of information and perspective in the article such as:

  • HD-DVD expects that the PS3 will be the biggest Blu-Ray driver (and we're already hearing that's going to be late despite Sony's response).
  • What the HD-DVD Marketing Groups stance is on 1080i vs 1080p and why there isn't a big 1080p push just yet.
  • Why Blu-Ray NEEDS 25 GB of storage per layer. Hint: Sony wants to use MPEG-2, right?
  • A simple to understand example of how Managed Copy could work.
  • The cost drivers between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray manufacturing.
Our link points to the first of the three interview segments, but all three are available via links at HD Issues. Segment four is not yet published but will focus on copy-protection and the reasons it will be difficult to circumvent.

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