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Microsoft on the 8 faces of Vista: Oops!

Marc Perton

Remember that story from a few days ago about Microsoft's plans to release no fewer than eight versions of Windows Vista (including the Windows Vista Ultimate edition, which we assume comes with or without extra cheese and pepperoni). Well, it turns out someone at Microsoft jumped the gun a little. The company has taken down all references to the eight flavors of Vista, saying that the page was posted "prematurely," and included "incomplete information about the Windows Vista product line up." Which we assume means that there will be more than eight versions, and Microsoft's branding experts are even now in the process of coming up with names for the additional ones. Let's see, Windows Vista Extreme? Windows Vista XXL? Microsoft Bob? Oh, wait, they've already done that. Which means, of course, that no matter what they come up with, it won't be worse.

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