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Nintendo WiFi over dial-up; works well enough?

A recap of the basic networking necessary to share your dial-up connection with your wireless Nintendo DS. The instructions are for Windows, although Mac OS X offers the same functionality, as does *NIX (although we suspect they probably won't need the guide). Requirements include: a computer with a pokey internet connection, a wireless router or Nintendo's USB WiFi dongle, a DS, and a WiFi compatible game.

The big question is whether or not the speeds are high enough to game without lag. The author of the guide claims, "At normal dial-up speed (56KB) it will go just about as fast as high speed internet; the only thing that will happen if you have a really slow dial-up connection or if you're downloading on the internet at the same time you will just see the other characters of the other people you are connected to go slow or bounce and the other people will just see your character go slow or bounce on their screen."

"As fast as high speed internet," eh? Let's just say we're skeptical. It's a good thing the DS currently doesn't have voice chat 'cause if a cutthroat bout of Mario Kart gets trashed cause someone's using dial-up....

Any brave Joystiqers using this method to get their NiWiFi fix?

[Via MAKE]

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