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Apple's "Media Cube" spotted?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Any time Apple sends out a keynote announcement, like yesterday's "fun new products," we kind of brace for impact around HQ for the glut of bad photoshops, fake rumors, and general mass hysteria within (and sometimes without) the Mac community. Which is why, of course, we think it's so funny that the day after this announcement MacDailyNews gets some blurry cameraphone shots (they're always blurry cameraphone shots, aren't they?) of a new Apple Media Cube -- the box you see above, with a bunch of ports on the back side, and the intention to make it do something "media-related." Ok, we'll skip past the very-likely-it's-fake and the looks-like-a-cardboard-box spiels and get to the meat: yes, Jobs does love Cubes -- in fact, he's obsessed with them -- and yes, the Mac mini would never have enough room to become a full DVR. Where would the tuner(s) go, where would the 3.5-inch drive go? So if we're to pretend, dear reader, that this is real, could this then be the Mac mini media center box we've been waiting for?

[Thanks, Jimmie]

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