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Halo needler rifle (ammo) for sale on eBay


As part of a planned costume for next Halloween, an eBay seller by the name of Cybertron9 has listed spare ammunition from a homemade needler gun, straight out of the Halo series of games. Cybertron9 apparently bought 48 crystals from Brazil, Argentina and the U.S. in the hope of finding usable needler ammo for his project. The winner of this eBay auction will be sent the 15 that were left over.

It's important to note that the gun is not for sale (really, only a bunch of crystals are), although that hasn't stopped Halo fans from sending in offers for the rifle. The rifle features 14 rechargeable batteries which we assume are connected to pink LEDs used to give the crystals their authentic pink glow. Now all Cybertron9 needs is a 7 foot tall Arbiter costume so he/she can scare away 10 year old trick or treaters that dare to wear a Master Chief armor suit come Halloween.

[Via Thanks, DahCheet]

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