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Google serves up Dashboard widgets

David Chartier

Marshall Kirkpatrick over at The Social Software Weblog (a sister Weblogs, Inc. blog) noticed that Google has produced some Dashboard widgets just for us Mac folks. The first is a Blogger widget, allowing (you guessed it) quick and easy posting to Blogger. It even accepts standard shortcuts for bolding and italicizing text - awesome. Next up is a Gmail widget, offering "your Gmail inbox at a glance." A neat trick up this widget's sleeve (once you enable the widget's advanced options) is that you can filter messages by a specific label. Last but not least is a Search History widget, which seems to be a small step up from the Google search widget already included with Tiger in that it actually saves the terms you use to search. "Remember the page from last week? Now you will," is the tag line.

Check out Google's new widgets and head over to the post over at The Social Software Weblog for a different perspective on these widgets and how useful they might (or might not) be.

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