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NES: 20-year old legend

Blake Snow

Did you know the NES was launched in phases here in the US back in 1985? First there was a test run in New York, followed by a local Los Angeles release. Then the demand went crazy and the rest is history. Find out more regarding the NES and its impact on gaming with Gamespot's NES flashback. From the article: "There was no denying that the NES was a phenomenon. By the 1990's one in every three American homes had an NES and video games had become a billion-dollar industry. Nintendo had taken over Saturday morning cartoons, cereal boxes, and the surface of commercial merchandise the world over."

Follow the link for a full 45 minute video flashback on the 8-bit system filled with plenty of goodies and lots of nostalgia. What are some of your fondest memories of the NES era?

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