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HD DVD primer - HDTV Magazine

Kevin C. Tofel

You just know that "HD DVD" will be a "Jeopardy!" category someday, don't you? If you're prepping for the big show with Alex Trebek, you might want to review the technical equivalent of Cliff's Notes on HD DVD over at HDTV Magazine. Shane covered everything that could you could possibly need, even if "HD DVD" was the Final Jeopardy cat. For the $100 example of  "This amount of data can be stored on single layer", the obvious answer would be "What is 15 GB?" The tougher $1000 answer, well now that would be tricky: "This wavelength used for the laser is between the colors of Violet and Indigo" Oh, who are we kidding. You HD DVD addicts already knew the answer is "What is 405 nanometers?"

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