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JVC's SU-DH1 brings surround sound to any headphones, almost


Late night frag-fests blasting over your 5.1 system are fine if you’re a neighborless, backwoods livin’ troll. However, anyone with even a modicum of social skills understands the need to roll-left on the volume when the lights dim and your little snugglepoo hits the sheets. Now, JVC announces the SU-DH1 headphone surround adapter which pumps a “pseudo” 5.1 surround signal out ordinary headphones. It features an optical mini-jack in and standard mini-jack out with support for Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, MPEG-2 AAC, PCM and contains Dolby Pro Logic II Auto/Movie/Music for extending any non-5.1 stereo audio signal into a virtual 5.1. Hey, the specs are great and all, and this is JVC who know a thing or two about audio quality, but why don’t they bundle this with 5.1 headphones like Thrustmaster or LTB Audio does for that "true" 5.1 surround sound we crave? Afterall, there are many, many ways to get simulated surround into headphones for less money than the estimated $90 green this will demand in March when it drops.

[Via Tech Japan]

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