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VoodooPC plans 8TB media PC

Marc Perton

When we heard that VoodooPC was planning a media PC with 16 drive bays and a maximum capacity of 8 terabytes, our first thought wasn't, "what are we going to do with all that space?" No, it was, "what, only 8TB?" After all, if you've got 16 bays, why not put a full TB in each one, instead of a measly 500GB (which is the total capacity of Voodoo's current media PC, the Aria, pictured)? Especially if this is going to be a media PC designed for HD? Regardless, Voodoo apparently plans to release the PC around the same time Windows Vista hits the market, which means it'll presumably come with Vista Home Premium, the version that includes the media features currently in Windows XP MCE. At this point, Voodoo says the box will come out later this year, though, of course, Vista delays could slow that timeline. Which is fine with us, since we're going to need a little time to save the $8,000 this bad boy is expected to cost.

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