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Lokiwiz: unlock any HTC Wizard

Ryan Block, @ryan

Yeah, we're kind of bummed that the only way you can get an 8125 is by getting stuck to Cingular (or, to a lesser extent, getting an MDA stuck to T-Mobile), but those days may be soon over. A Portuguese user by the name of Ricardo Afonso has developed lokiwiz, an HTC Wizard unlocker that'll free your Wizard from its SIM-locked shackles (the download's free, but you have to register to get it). Of course, if you're trying to get your hands on an 8125 and are using T-Mobile (or, to a lesser extent, using Cingular and are trying to get an MDA) you're still going to have to pay the full price, which last we heard could be upward of $450 (without contract, of course). We didn't have any locked Wizards around to test lokiwiz out on, but from the responses we've seen it apparently works like a charm, and even performs a CID unlock, which lets you flash other manufacturer's firmware to the device -- very handy for the AKU2 rollout which is due, well, any day now.

[Via Bryce Yehl]

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