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Beware of False Gatekeepers...

Mike D'Anna

In the "wish I could've seen that" dept., some unfortunate folks on the Thunderlord server were the victims of an elaborate practical joke by the members of the guild Inquisition recently, as you can see by the flared tempers on these threads from the official server forums, among many others.

It seems the guild, who had completed all the required quests to open the gates of AQ, lured everyone to see the opening, then all vanished at the last second after everyone had gathered. Ok, sure, as far as showmanship goes, it's not David Copperfield, but I'm sure it was every bit as annoying to the players who were there.

Of course, since Inquisition didn't actually do anything wrong, the dozens of petitions & complaints by players had no effect, but if I were a member of that guild, I'd be looking over my shoulder for a while...

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