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Is this the XM satellite video player?

Ryan Block, @ryan

You've got to be used to it by now, but after we get past our standard disclaimer (no, we don't know that this is real, yes, this might be a photoshop, no, we're not vouching for its validity) you might be interested to happen upon XM's supposedly forthcoming satellite-broadcast video device, which happens to look dangerously like Samsung's Helix. According to OrbitCast, such a device was apparently recently shown off by XM to analysts, which would use On2's tech for video with 256kbps data streams for each of at least 20 broadcast video channels. Yes, it's all very off the record unofficial can't comment, but if asked for the official Engadget opinion, we think it's at least plausible -- just know that we find its similarity to some of those Helix press shots (especially the reflection off the antenna, for example) a little unsettling.

[Thanks, David]

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