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Lara Croft's new rival

Alan Rose

We have seen the enemy in Tomb Raider: Legend, and she is... anorexic! Actually, her name is Amanda Evert, and proportional similarities aside, she's the intellectual and moral opposite of Lara Croft (kind of like Magneto and Prof. X).

It seems Ms. Evert wants to uncover the secrets of a universal mystical belief system inherent in the world's religions, so that everyone can benefit from its teachings. But as we learned in the movies, Lara's not so keen on allowing powerful artifacts or knowledge of this kind to potentially fall into the wrong hands.

Instead of using Barbie for inspiration, I wonder if Crystal Dynamics ever considered modeling actual female athletes like Natalie Coughlin, or even spokesbabe Karima Adebibe. At least go halfsies if you're aiming for next gen realism. It doesn't really look like Miss weak-in-the-knees here is built for tomb raiding. But then again, neither is Lara. These game designers should tune out from G4 and watch a little OLN every once in a while. I happen to know quite a few women who like to play Tomb Raider-style games, but I would imagine even the male demographic must be getting a little tired of the cartoonish aesthetic.

And if you're not, Amanda will be unlockable upon completion of Legend. It would be nice if there were some hidden missions or alternate plots as an additional bonus.

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