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Cingular Video debuts

Ryan Block, @ryan

Verizon's got V CAST, Sprint's got Sprint TV, so where's Cingular's offering? Why, it's here: the nation's largest carrier launched their first two 3G handsets yesterday, the LG CU320 and Samsung's ZX10, is also officially concurrently launching Cingular Video. It'll take the shape of a 3-5 minute clip service with video streams from 18 channels, including the likes of NBC and ESPN. Did we mention it's free to customers of their unlimited Broadband Connect data package? Because it is, and it's a good thing, too -- if you're gonna go walled-garden-mobile-TV, at least make make it free to your customers, right? And for those who want yet another feature to pay for monthly can plunk down the extra $5 and pick up access to those HBO clips. Guess this'll be a great experiment to determine whether or not people really do want to watch short-form video programming on their mobiles.

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