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My Powerbook screen broke itself

Scott McNulty

There are few things that bring a chill to the heart of Powerbook (or MacBook Pro users for that matter) users more than the phrase 'cracked screen.' Unless, of course, the cracked screen is entirely your own fault (having dropped my own Powerbook on more than a few occasions I know of what I speak).

JC at MacGeekery has written a great post about 'Accidental Damage,' from the Apple Genius point of view (JC is a former Apple Genius). It turns out, and this is a shocker, that AppleCare doesn't cover objects smashing against your laptop's screen. Of course people know this, but that doesn't stop people from bringing their cracked screen toting Powerbooks to the Genius Bar and expect Apple to pick up the tab.

Hey, when I spilled water on my Titanium Powerbook you didn't see me running to AppleCare for a fix (what I did was turn off the Powerbook, let it dry, and then I called Apple and they fixed it).

That picture of a very sad Powerbook is via David's World.

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