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Metareview - Burnout: Revenge (Xbox 360)

This was arguably the biggest week for the 360 following its late November launch. After an initial outpour of launch games, the system has been just getting by with occasional late entrants: Dead or Alive 4, Fight Night Round 3, and now Ghost Recon: Advanced Warrior and the next-gen version of EA's crashtacular Burnout series. If the CES demo was "jaw dropping," what's the concensus on the retail product? Does it deliver?

  • Gamespot (88%) - "While Burnout Revenge might not have enough new stuff in it to drag you back in if you've been playing it on other platforms, this is definitely the version to get if you're shopping around."
  • 1UP (90%) - "People who haven't played the current-gen version should get the 360 version if: They are breathing."
  • Team Xbox (90%) - "The gameplay is as solid as its predecessors, the online support is some of the best out there, and the graphics and audio rival most other Xbox 360 titles."
With an average of 89%, Burnout: Revenge and G.R.A.W. are giving 360 owners plenty to be excited about. March will also see the 360 launches of Far Cry Instincts: Predator, Elder Scrolls IV, The Outfit, and more!

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