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In depth: Raid Over the River


NIBRIS has been so kind as to provide an extensive array of pictures and content of the most delicious sort in regards to their upcoming Revolution title Raid Over the River. The lucky recipients over at Revolution Report have up an extensive 4 page first look into the title.

"The main character of the game is a 40 year-old veteran of the "Sand Storm" operation, named David McBride. He discovers, by pure coincidence, the plans of the "Molayarius" sect which wants to summon a demon by the name of "Bafomet" into existence. By co-operating with one of the members of the sect (who continuously sabotages their actions), David strives to halt Molayarius' plans."

The article also goes on to provide overviews of not only the other characters who'll be in the game and the two main organizations, The Molayar and Order of the Nine, who represent the evil and good respectively. This war between the two takes place throughout several different time periods including World War II (yawn), the year 2024, and the time of Antiquity where Ramzes the 2nd reigned.

Also, the piece goes into some details regarding every mission in the game, so those who would not wish to have it spoiled for them might want to stop reading at page 2.


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