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Sony Pictures isn't the only one that won't down-rez

Ben Drawbaugh

Last week I discovered that Sony Pictures won't down-rez over component on the upcoming High Definition DVD standards. I had hoped that other studios would follow their lead and it appears that they have. According to some well respected members of the AVSForum, Fox, Paramount, Disney, and Sony won't down-rez. The other studios have not made an announcement yet include Universal, Warner and Lions Gate. Insiders indicate a 50/50 chance that each will decided to cripple their movies over component.

I for one wonder if most people will even notice the down-rezzing. If you connect a 540p to most TV's it is detected as 1080i and the TV will indicate that the current resolution is 1080i. The player may indicate to them what it is outputting, but most won't notice if the player doesn't tell them. Of course this doesn't go for any HDBeat readers but as you all know you guys are not "most people".

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