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Archos AV700 includes dual digital tuners, DVR, 40GB HDD

Marc Perton

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Archos has upped the ante (and the price) in the PMP race with the AV700, a model that includes two digital tuners (for European terrestrial digital broadcasts), a 40GB hard drive, a 7-inch LCD display, DVR software, PlaysForSure compatibility for both audio and video, and inputs for recording from any analog source. Archos also claims that the inclusion of two antennas and "diversity reception" technology allows for better TV tuning on the go. If that's not enough, it can operate in USB host mode to pull pics directly from memory card readers or digicams, allows you to pre-program up to 100 TV channels per location for up to 5 locations, and supports downloadable games. It's expected to be available in Europe in May for about €700 (about $950 830), and will probably never be available in the US.

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