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Dell beats Panasonic this time

Matt Burns

Oh that Dell. A few of you may remember way back in August when Dell conducted a double blind study of their plasmas vs Sony's. Their point was kind of...well...pointless due to Sony does not make consumer plasmas anymore so they did the same study but this time with Panasonic. 308 consumers were asked in 4 malls across the country which picture they preferred more. The brands were of course hidden but the price was not.

According to the study, Dell felt that there is little difference between Panasonic's TH50PX500U and Dells own W5001C. The results? Well when the Dell is shown with a $500 difference in the price it is preferred 57.4% of the time but when there is only a $100 difference it is preferred 60.2% of the time.

Now, I have never seen the Dell in person but I have seen the Panasonic a lot and can tell you it is a great TV as many of you already knew. Has anyone seen these two sets next to each other? Your conclusion?

[via TMCnet]

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