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OSx86 project offers $1 bounty for a Vista boot

Evan Blass

The ink is barely dry on narf/blanka's checks, and already the OSx86 project has launched a new contest for getting Microsoft Vista to dual-boot on an Intel Mac (although it seems copies of that particular OS may be rather scarce for awhile), but this time the prize will be a bit smaller- thousands of dollars smaller, actually. In order to prevent a large reward from "holding us back from sharing what we learn," the project coordinators have decided to forgo the donation pot from the XP contest in favor of a flat $1 bounty. "Plus, it's fun," they add sadistically. Clearly they were also having fun when codifying the rules of the contest, as the very lax restrictions only require that entrants have a computer, be carbon-based life forms, and prove a hatred of Nancy Sinatra for eligibility.

[Thanks, Jon B.]

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