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Robosnakes take first prize in 13th Singapore Robotic Games

Evan Blass

A pair of robotic snakes have emerged as winners of the 13th Singapore Robotic Games, a competition held for tertiary students and hosted for the first time this year by Nanyang Polytechnic. Organized by various tertiary institutions, the Singapore Science Centre and the Robotic Games Society in Singapore, the Games draw some serious entries, as is evidenced by the entire year it took the eight final-year mechatronics students (also from Nanyang Polytechnic- we hope the same can't be said of the judges) to complete their slithering creations. If you can't get enough robosnake action, make sure to check out our previous coverage on the OmniTread all-terrain and ACM-R5 amphibious models- which despite their corporate pedigrees, are unable to muster the realistic reptilian creepiness that these students seem to have achieved.

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