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Sony confirms plans to chuck boomerang controller (and it won't come back)

Vladimir Cole

Sony today confirmed they plan to toss the much-reviled boomerangamajig PS3 controller thingy, according to reporter Chris Morris. A redesigned controller is expected to be unveiled at E3, in May.

What's funny about this is that the decision was most likely fueled by gamer reaction to the controller's mere looks. The controller might have turned out to be the most comfortable ever released, but the world will never know because gamer reaction to the design of the thing was nearly unanimously negative after its unveiling at E3 in May 2005.

Was Sony unfairly slapped down by gamers and the video games press for being too forward-thinking? We all sure talk a big game about wanting change, but we've shown (over and over again) very little acceptance of schemes that represent a true visual or mechanical departure from the norm. The Nintendo DS touch-screen interface, for instance, also faced quite a bit of negative reaction prior to its release.

[Image comes from Joystiq PS3 controller redesign contest. This particular concept was designed by Joystiq reader Adam Portilla of Chicago.]

[Via Engadget]

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