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Sony's MZ-RH1 -- MD lives, alright

Ryan Block, @ryan

You just couldn't let it die, could you Sony? We thought you were all done with the MiniDisc, then you have to drag it kicking and screaming from its silent grave, slap a Walkman MZ-RH1 label on it, and outfit it with even more marginal features that you're probably hoping will make the format viable. Well, adding Mac support via USB 2.0, an OLED screen, and live recording upload support, just isn't going to be enough to validate MiniDisc in 2006, old friend, but hey, it's your cash, produce whatever you like. But if you think we're going to fork over ¥39,800 (about $340 US) for one of these things, you've got another thing coming.

[Via Akihabara News and]

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