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DVD up-scalers hit 100 bones with Samsungs DVD-HD860

Matt Burns

Do you remember when DVD players were $499? No skip that, VCRs that were $799! We sure do but the most recent video device to drop is DVD up-scalers. Just two years ago there was a Samsung for $299 but it sure was cool. They have now reached a milestone though: the $100 mark.

Samsung has been producing these players from the beginning and they were the first to hit this mark. The DVD-HD860 may not have a lot of bells and whistles but it does scale the DVD up to 720p or 1080i via HDMI. It is small and cheap, but doesn't comes with a HDMI cable. So big box shoppers note: it maybe cheaper to buy the big brother, DVD-HD960, as it comes with both a HDMI and a DVI cable then it is to buy a HDMI cable in large retail stores. Plus, you will get a better DVD player.

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