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Getting ARD Admin to Run on Intel Macs

Damien Barrett

I spend a significant amount of time using Apple Remote Desktop Admin every day at work. Aside from Radmind, it's my most valuable and useful tool for managing hundreds of Macintosh workstations in our labs and classrooms. I also have a brand-new 20" Intel iMac sitting on my desk, but until today, I've been unable to switch to it as my main computer because the ARD Admin software refuses to run on the new Intel machines.

Behold, a smart Mac admin somewhere has has figured out how to get ARD Admin to run on an Intel Mac, and it's as simple as removing the Intel version of the ARD agent, allow the Admin software to self-heal, and then relaunching the Admin app. More info and discussion here.

Now I can make my Intel iMac my main Mac desktop! So exciting the life of a Mac admin! Heh.

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