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Imation's -- yawn -- carabiner flash drives

Marc Perton

Imation was once an innovative data-storage pioneer. Unfortunately, the company seems intent on destroying its credibility, releasing gimmicky flash memory products such as its "Furry Flash" drives, flash wristband, and its latest must-have product, a series of colorful flash drives on carabiner clips. They're not the first carabiner-equipped flash drives, they're certainly not the first to come in multiple hues, and they're definitely not the first designed to be "built to last" (and they don't look particularly rugged, so we have to question that one). Maybe Imation feels it has to go after the lowest-common-denominator market after such high-profile flops as its LS-120/240 high-capacity floppy drive, but at least that was an effort to innovate. These products are just attempts to get teenagers to make impulse purchases at Target, and that's hardly an innovative business strategy.

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