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Seen@GDC: PlayStation 3 dev kit

This admittedly blurry shot of what looks sort of like an Apple Xserve on steroids is in fact a PlayStation 3 dev kit spotted at Sony's booth on the GDC expo floor. The question is, why show off the humble dev unit under an enticing Revolution-esque plexiglass lid? You'd think they'd have kept it hidden, lest some brain dead superfan mistakes this for a system redesign.

Continue reading for some more shots and Sony's clever solution for preventing confusion.

Here's the back of the unit. Those are ethernet ports in the lower middle for scale.

In case you thought this was a system redesign, Sony wants to remind you that this is "Not Final Hardware." This sign is funny on a couple different levels. Now that Sony's finally told us something, we'll let bygones be bygones... really soon. Promise.

(UPDATE: Chatterbox threw up some higher-res shots of another unit; theirs has more things plugged into it.)

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