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A blog is birthed: welcome PS3Fanboy!

Vladimir Cole

The Joystiq Network of blogs continues to expand in number and breadth. The latest bundle of joy to get a slap on the ass, swaddled and sent out into the cruel, cruel Internet was born at precisely midnight EST this morning.

As the proud parents, we here at Joystiq are looking forward to watching our baby make lots of new friends with fanboys and fangirls brimming with love and enthusiasm for Sony's PlayStation 3 console.

At the same time, we'd like to remind readers that this doesn't spell the end of PS3 coverage on Joystiq. Instead, it signals a whole new level of obsession as the writers over at PS3fanboy catch wind of the latest and greatest PS3 items of interest and let us know about them. This addition brings the fanboy family to:

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