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Dell announces Precision M90 and M65 mobile workstations

Ryan Block, @ryan

Dell didn't just announce their new D620 and D820, no, no, sir. They've also got a Precision M90 and M65 for you to sink your teeth into, featuring Core Duo chips (what else?), 512MB Quadro FX graphics, IEEE 1394, an oversized three-inch touchpad, and a 17-inch 1920 x 1200 display on the M90; the M65 (pictured) will get a Quadro FX with TurboCache (no dedicated graphics memory), dual battery option, and a 15.4-inch display. The Precisions, which we haven't heard from a little while, are intended to be a little higher end than your run of the mill Latitudes, though, so expect to pay for the privilege with baseline price tags of $2,239 and $1,849, respectively.

[Via Mobility Site]

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