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Moog Products launches $1,500 Little Phatty analog synth

Evan Blass

Musicians everywhere have reason to celebrate today -- Moog Products has just announced a portable analog synthsethizer, which pays tribute to the company's founder, and perhaps just as importantly, will finally bring professional quality synths down to prices that amateurs can afford. Music Thing's Tom Whitwell had told us to be on the lookout for a new product from Moog -- the first one following Bob Moog's untimely death from a brain tumor -- and although the legend might not approve of calling this tribute edition "Little Phatty," he would certainly appreciate the style and reasonable $1,475 price tag. The Little Phatty features a 37-note keyboard, 2 ultra-stable oscillators, a Moog low pass ladder filter, and 4-stage analog envelope generators, all wrapped up in an attractive package. Initially Moog Products will only be releasing 1,200 special edition LIttle Phattys, which come with decorative side panels, the signature plate that you see above, a CD-ROM of the Bob Moog Memorial Celebration Service, and a special poster for your studio to inspire you as you lay down those crazy electronic tracks.

[Thanks, James G]

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