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The 360Sata drive adapter

Ryan Block, @ryan

If you're like us you probably snagged Xplorer360 and didn't realize what the hell to do with it until it dawned on you: yeah, you're supposed to hook your hard drive directly to your PC if you want to do the fun stuff like backing up games, exploring the file system, etc. But for some tearing open their pretty shiny new gear isn't the most appealing proposition: enter the 360Sata adapter, an adapter that does what it sounds like, adapt your 360 drive unit to SATA so you can plug right into your PC. Unfortunately they're all sold out at the time of this writing, so get your name on the backorder list (they were asking $15 for the first round of parts) to get yours as soon as it's back in production. Happy hacking, ladies and gents.

[Via Make]

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