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HDBeat Podcast 007 - 04.04.06

Ben Drawbaugh
As we get closer to the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray release, the news just keeps on flowing. This week Kevin and I let Matt have it for getting out Blu-Ray dreams up. (Well mine anyway) I complain about the possible Blu-Ray delay and Kevin doesn't let me forget what I said. I talk about EHX and we talk about some new HD shows including upcoming sporting events.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Kevin C. Tofel

Ben Drawbaugh

40:43, 18 MB, MP3

Breaking News: Blu-Ray now available for purchase - only $299
Toshiba's HD DVD now on sale! (in Japan)
Be the first on your block with an HD-DVD drive
Panasonic announces release date for Blu-Ray player
Samsung pushes BD-P1000 to 6/25/06
Blu-Ray Demo impressions
New PH-DVD technology triples the space of blue and red laser DVD's?
Universal will not use ICT; only two studios left
Does Charter do DVI?
The first 1080p LED powered DLP?
Big recall on Philips plasmas
Panasonic's "most advanced" 58 inch Viera TV officially announced for US
HDTV Broadcast preparations for 2006 FIFA World Cup
MLB kicks off in HD on Sunday
Do you expect high-def now?
A&E to go HD!
Any good new mid season HD shows?


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