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U.K.'s 3 helped Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" top the charts

Evan Blass

In a completely shocking and unprecedented move, a corporate entity is trying to latch on to the latest "big thing" by taking partial credit for the phenomenon's success, which in this case is the first song to top the U.K. singles charts without ever having been sold in stores. Wireless carrier 3 is claiming that its network was responsible for up to 20% of the total downloads of  "Crazy," the first single by Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo collaborative Gnarls Barkley (no relation to the Round Mound of Rebound), which sold 31,000 digital copies and 0 CDs in the week ending April 2nd. 3 offers songs for 99 pence apiece and also allows a copy of the track to be downloaded to a user's PC, which would seem to make it a strong competitor in not only the mobile arena but the traditional online music market as well.

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