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Warcraft III on a multi-touch tabletop screen

Apparently multi-touch interfaces are what's hot in research circles this year: first NYU, then Nintendo, and now Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs.  And let's be honest, Mitsubishi really throws down here. Unsatisfied with pretty light shows or boring diagrams, they're out to research that ancient query, "But what about the games?" Using Warcraft III, the fellas at MERL are able to use voice and touch to control the game in what appears to be an impressively seamless fashion.

Shhh! Be quiet! Listen!

Can you hear them?

That's the sound of millions of DS gamers screaming, "We think touching is good too! We have a microphone!" What ever happened to Blizzard asking about interest in DS ports months ago?

[Thanks, Jon Choo]

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