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OnHand wrist PDA unstrapped

Marc Perton

The last time we heard anything about the OnHand wrist PDA was probably close to two years ago. So, given its almost complete lack of marketing, distribution, buzz or sales, we're not exactly surprised that manufacturer Matsucom has decided to call it quits and stop producing the device, which managed to incorporate a full set of PDA functions into a fairly ugly watch. The OnHand was hobbled not just by a laissez-faire approach to marketing and a poor design, but by its use of proprietary technology and limited PC support (despite being introduced in 2003, it used a serial cable instead of USB). The small OnHand community did come up with some decent hacks, including a GPS hookup and an external keyboard, but that wasn't enough to keep this going. If you're still dying to get a wrist PDA, though, all hope isn't lost. Despite constant rumors of its death, Fossil's Palm-based Abacus wrist PDA is still available from TigerDirect for about $50.

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