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Sony Cybershot DSC-H2 reviewed


That 6 megapixel DSC-H2 announced last month just pulled a righteous first-look review over at HardwareZone. The H2, remember, is Sony's prosumer followup to the DSC-H1. If you liked the H1, then the H2 is sure to please with its higher megapixel count and better low-light imaging capabilities due to a high ISO 1000 sensor sensitivity and "Clear RAW" noise reduction technology. And Sony fanatics will be stoked to hear that Sony opted for a Carl Zeiss lens with that same 12x optical zoom boasted by the H1's in-house Sony lens. Throw in Sony's "Super SteadyShot" optical image stabilization and HardwareZone sez the DSC-H2 is "highly recommended" for travelers who prefer image quality and functionality over portability. And with macro shot focusing at 1-cm, the H2 makes a "fine camera that is ideal for most occasions." Look for these to drop any day now for about $400 beans.

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